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Links to Architecture-Related Sites

This pages stores the compiled list of URL's referenced in the book, usually found in the recommended readings sections:

SEI Site with Many Definitions of Software Architecture

SEI Software Archiecture Publications

SEI Selected Software Architecture Papers

SEI Architecture Representation

SEI Software Architecture Publications

SEI Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method(ATAM) 2000

SEI's Practical Guide to Documenting Software Architecture

Software Architecture, Software Architects, and Architecting

Worldwide Institute of Software Architects

IEEE Architecture Working Group

Rational Edge Question About Using arrows on use cases

Cetus Links to Object-Oriented Analysis & Design: Methods

The Website for IEEE Software Architecture Standard, 1471

Jim Holt's Software Architecture Page

Martin Fowler's Home Page

Atze Dijkstra's Software Architecture Web Page

Gert Florijn's Software Architecture Links

UMass Dartmouth Software Architecture Links

UCI Software Architecture Related Publications

Jianjun Zhao's Software Architecture Bibliography and Links

The Open Group Architectural Framework

Robert C. Martin Articles

OMG Model Driven Architecture

Pattern Oriented Software Architecture Home Page

RUP Whitepapers

Michael J. Rettig and Martin Fowler's paper on Reflection Versus Code Generation, in Java World

Alister Cockburn Effective uses cases paper

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