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Welcome to Large Scale Software Architecture!

This is the companion website for the book Large Scale Software Architecture: A Practical Guide Using UML by Jeff Garland and Richard Anthony published by John Wiley & Sons

NEWS.... Large Scale Software Architecture is now part of the SEI Software Architect's Essential Bookshelf!

Ever struggle with how to describe your software architecture? Overwhelmed with all the options in the UML? This book decribes 14 Viewpoints using the UMLthat can be used to understand and document software architectures. Born from the experiences of two in-the-trenches software architects, these viewpoints serve as a core communication vehicle between various project stakeholders. The book describes how the practice of software architecture fits into your process: agile processes or more formal. In addition, the book includes an overview of various architecture techniques. Chapters include:

Contents and Preface (PDF)

  1. - Introduction -- What is software architecture?
  2. - Roles of the Software Architect
  3. - Software Architecture and the Development Process
  4. - Example System Overview
  5. - UML Quick Tour
  6. - System Context and Domain Analysis
  7. - Component Design and Modeling
  8. - Subsystem Design
  9. - Transaction and Data Design
  10. - Process and Deployment Design
  11. - Architecture Techniques
  12. - Applying the Viewpoints

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